About me

Hi, I’m Josh!


Thanks for stopping by my website. I’m a journalist and editor with a particular interest in telling long-ish, beautifully crafted stories about science, and what it tell us about ourselves and the universe. I work for New Scientist magazine as a feature editor. That means I help dream up and edit the meaty stories that go on the cover of the magazine. My remit is to cover 50% physical science and 50% anything else that I think is fascinating.

Before joining New Scientist in 2015 I was deputy news and opinions editor at SciDev.Net, a media website that looks at how science can be applied for international development. In the earlier years of my career I interned at and wrote for a bunch of other places — more on that here.

Some things that I like are: hockey, running, my wife and my two sons, the Suffolk coast, Jesus, climbing trees, and swimming in the sea. But not necessarily in that order.

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